Get started with a Detail Sander with these quick tips! It’s one of our favourite sanders for being compact and small enough to get into those corners. Watch this video to see why it could be perfect for your next DIY project.

It’s a good idea to have a sander in your kit so that you can finish off your projects. The perfect sander to start with is the PXC 18V Detail Sander. It has a shape that allows you to work around small shapes and hard-to-reach corners. It’s lightweight and compact, with a quick empty dust canister that is designed to catch all of those nasty airborne particles that can be swapped out to connect to your workshop vacuum (like this one).

If you’re not getting that finish that you’re looking for, a great tool tip is to have a go at changing your sandpaper grit – a lower number on the grit will remove more material and a higher number provides a smoother finish. Once you’ve got the hang of the Detail Sander you can move on to the rest of our range. When you are looking for a sander to tackle your next DIY project with, check out our Buyer’s Guide for sanders!

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