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Our PXC batteries stand for strictest quality and safety standards.

A power tool battery comprises of a number of different components and it's only when all components comply to the highest quality standards are they assembled into a PXC battery pack. We take care of not just performance but also safety that is required when storing, shipping and using our batteries.

Latest technology

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"Safety and functionality are number one priority for us in Power X-Change. That is why we concentrate on each and every detail."
The Einhell research team

This can be seen in each of the individual components that make up our PXC battery platform:


Highest quality - tested for safety

We only use high quality Li-Ion cells from brand-name international manufacturers in our PXC batteries. We ensure that we are always equipped with consistent high quality and adherence to the strictest safety standards.

When selecting our battery cells we do not just rely on good reputation: Each PXC battery cell undergoes an automated and independent audit to provide 100% safety. And that even after years of intensive use!

Battery pack

Carefully picked cells - high standard components

As exact specifications of individual cells can vary from the finished product, we have strict selection criteria to ensure high standards of consistency and safety. So each PXC battery pack consists of cells that are prefectly aligned to each other.

Other components of our battery packs must also adhere to the highest standards. From cooling efficient arrangement of individual components to shockproof and dirt resistant plastic casing: continuous checks and tests make our battery pack one of the best tool batteries in the market.

Active Battery Management System

Intelligent electronics - efficient battery protection

Complementing our strict production control procedures and guidelines, is our active Active Battery Management System. It helps assure utmost safety and performance - all through the battery's life. Active Battery Management System monitors the inside of every PXC battery for all safety relevant parameters and controls the right use of individual cells.

That is how we prevent typical damage to the battery. Be it deep discharge, surges, overheating, self discharge or memory effect, the Active Battery Management System recognises damaging risks early on and effectively counters them. In case of critical battery conditions, the Active Battery Management System shuts the power supply off.


Reliable performance - safe handling

The special PXC charger is not only highly efficient but also very safe. Several internal controls ensure that the cells in the battery pack are charged uniformly and correctly. This not only extends the battery life, but also presents one more safety advantage.

The charger thus prevents short circuits between the cells when temperatures are too low and automatically shuts off if there are disturbances or the battery is completely charged.

PXC devices

Multifunctional platform - perfect tuning

A complex and comprehensive battery system functions safely and reliably only if the devices it powers are also aligned to the requirements. That is why, when designing and developing PXC power tool and garden equipment, we make special demands on the electronic parts that get into the tool.

Continuous checks and tests ensure that the heat sensistive components adhere to the highest safety standards. The tool plastics also contain fire retardant materials to help keen the tool safe during heavy use. All PXC devices go through a certification process by an independent accedited body.