This year we removed the techy tool-talk from power tools to help you find the right tool for the task so you can take on your own DIY challenges with a little know-how and whole lot of confidence. Combined, our DIY duo have been sharing their passion for empowering DIY’ers everywhere to give it a go and get started! If you haven’t caught up on all of our Andy and Candy content over the past year, we’ve wrapped up all of their content into a neat little package for you below.

Impress guests at your next dinner party with a handmade cheeseboard to present your favourite cheese spread on!


Before you get started with your DIY project it’s a good idea to know the basics around how to use power tools and what each power tool does.

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY’er or completely new to power tools, Andy & Candy have a few tips to keep you safe and comfortable while you work!
We love this product as it’s easy to make lots of cuts and this one is cordless, so you can take wherever you need to your next DIY project!
Check out these quick tips for clamping from Andy and Candy about how to secure your project for the best possible result.
Our PXC 2-in-1 Nail & Staple Gun is great for some quick fixing in projects. Here are some key factors to set you up for success.


When you’re using your power tools out and about in the garden, there are some easy tips that you can follow that will make the process easier and safer for you.

When you’re working in the yard with the PXC 2x18V Line Trimmer, Andy has some quick & simple tips to keep you out of trouble!
Check out Candy’s quick tips below for adjusting the handles for comfortable mowing every time.


This Ozito Cordless Jigsaw is a power tool packed with features to make a clean, accurate and effortless cut every time. This highly versatile and easy to use jigsaw will tackle everything from intricate, curved cuts to super fast rip cuts in timber.


Here’s a quick tip to nail that clean cut with a Jigsaw – particularly when working with laminates.
Check out the features and some quick tips to get started with a jigsaw!
If you’ve ever wanted to cut out a stencil or some letters and shapes out of timber while keeping the backing as one piece, this video is for you.
Jigsaws are such a versatile tool and there’s a whole range of blades out there to suit so many types of materials.


Let’s cover off what Pendulum Cutting Action is on a jigsaw and how you can use it on your next project.
Check out Andy & Candy’s tips to achieve a clean curved cut using a jigsaw!
Check out these quick steps to change your Jigsaw blade out.


The cordless portability of the PXC Mitre Saw allows easy transport around the home, making it ideal for DIY timber projects and small renovations such as making a picture frame, installing skirting boards, building a bed or framing a wall.

Set yourself up for some quick and easy cutting with these tips for making Mitre Saw supports and stop blocks.
Set yourself up for some quick and easy cutting with these tips for making Mitre Saw supports and stop blocks.


Our cordless 18V Drill Driver is the perfect companion for DIY jobs around the home and workshop. Whether it’s installing shelves in the living room, putting together furniture or installing a deck in the backyard, this tool will drill through timber, plastic and metal with ease. 

If you’ve stripped the head of your screw and there’s nothing for the driver bit to catch onto, you can give this quick trick a try!
Check out these quick tips to help you drive a screw in straight. Remember, practise makes perfect!
Get started with a Drill Driver with these quick tips! It’s the perfect place to start your tool kit – let’s show you why!
Drill Drivers are super versatile tool and there’s a whole range of drill bits out there to suit different types of materials.


For most projects, sanding is an essential part of the DIY process. Whether it’s preparing upcycled materials, removing paint for a refurbishment or applying the finishing touches, sanding gives your job a smooth, stylish finish.

Looking for a sander to tackle your next DIY project? Let’s help you find the right one!
Get started with a Detail Sander with these quick tips!


If you are just starting out on your DIY journey or want a quick project that you can knock out on the weekend, these easy DIY projects from Andy and Candy will give you plenty to choose from.

Artfully display your green corner with some staggered DIY Pot Plant Stands to liven up your living space.
Craft a handy drinks caddy for your next backyard BBQ or picnic at the beach.
Bring some beach to your backyard with this great DIY folding sandpit!
Spruce up your bathroom with an industrial chic DIY towel rack and towels dropped on the floor will be a thing of the past!


This dynamic duo are looking forward to bringing you more tool tips, DIY advice, and simple recommendations in the new year. We can’t wait to see what they get up to next!

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