Real cordless freedom: Camera instead of wire

Lush green lawn as far as the eye can see, but without the hassle of manual mowing! The FREELEXO CAM robot mower makes mowing the lawn easier than ever. Using advanced camera technology, the robot mower automatically detects the lawn areas to be mowed. Mowing the lawn has never been so simple – even the tedious placing of boundary wire is a thing of the past!

The integrated camera of the FREELEXO CAM automatically detects visible edges and different surfaces such as edging stones, mulch, gravel, pavers, and concrete. Additionally, special sensors ensure that the robot mower does not collide with obstacles such as trees, hedges, and walls. Thanks to this intelligent combination of sensors and camera technology, the robot lawnmower mows only the green lawn - without it having to be "defined" beforehand using boundary wires.

This mower is also part of the PXC range, so you can also use the same battery in any other Ozito PXC cordless power or garden tool. This makes it easy to keep your garden in shape with a lawn trimmer, hedge trimmer and more, all without cables!

Get started with our FREELEXO CAM robot mower! What are you waiting for?

The FREELEXO CAM in detail

Overview of the most important functions

Real cordless freedom
With the FREELEXO CAM, you no longer need a boundary wire, which saves time when setting up the robot mower.
With its integrated camera, the FREELEXO CAM automatically detects the edges of the lawn area to be mowed without any boundary wires.
Ultrasonic sensors
Integrated ultrasonic sensors detect obstacles and physical lawn boundaries early, preventing collisions.
As a PXC device, the battery of the robot mower can be used with any other power or garden tool in the PXC range.
Intuitive keypad
Mowing schedules can be programmed via the simple keypad to ensure your lawn is trimmed every day or every other day.
Rain sensor
If the robot mower detects rain via its integrated sensor, it will return to its charging station. This helps to protect your lawn from damage.
Maximum slope
Even gradients of up to 25% in any type of garden are no problem for the FREELEXO CAM thanks to its powerful drive mechanism.
Anti-theft protection
A personal PIN code and an audible alarm protect the robot mower against theft.



The PXC 18V Brushless FREELEXO CAM Robot Lawn Mower Kit is perfect for automated maintenance of medium to large lawn areas up to 500m² with the compact and powerful brushless motor plus PCX battery provided. The integrated camera and ultrasonic recognises the boundaries of your lawn to be mowed by detecting lawns based on colours and structures. In addition, using several safety sensors the robot mower can distinguish between obstacles and lawn areas, enabling it to move freely within its mowing area.

  • - No Perimeter Wire Required
  • - Programmable Mowing
  • - Automatic Recharging
  • - Camera & Sensor
  • - Handles gradients of up to 25%
  • - Integrated rain sensor

Create no-mow zones

When laid out in the garden, the magnetic tape acts as a virtual fence. The magnetic sensors in the robotic lawnmower recognise the magnetic tape so that it turns off at the boundary of the tape. This allows you to temporarily exclude areas that should not be mown.

Virtual lawn border

Whether flower meadow or seedlings - with the help of the magnetic tape, certain areas in the garden that are not specially or poorly delimited can be marked as mow-free zones. The tape can also be buried or overgrown by grass.

Robot Mower Quick Start Guide

Troubleshooting Tips

LED lights and meanings


Do you have questions about installing your robot mower or our services?

We answer the most frequently asked questions

#General – Do I need a boundary wire with the FREELEXO CAM?

No, the FREELEXO cam does not require a boundary wire. The lawn edges and obstacles are detected by means of the integrated camera and ultrasonic sensors. 

Only a single guide cable needs to be laid during installation. This is a 5 m² loop of cable that is laid around the charging station for the robot mower to use when docking with the station.

#General – What is the rain sensor for?

It’s always a good idea not to mow grass in the rain for the health of your grass and soil, which is why the FREELEXO CAM Mower has a rain sensor to ensure the grass and soil stays healthy. The rain sensor will tell the mower it is raining, and then it will stop mowing and return to the charging station.

#General – How loud is the robot mower in use?

The robot mower makes 57 dB(A) of noise during operation. This is about the same volume as a normal conversation.

#General – Can the robot mower detect obstacles in the garden such as toys, animals, etc.?

The FREELEXO CAM mower has a low body design means the mower will not allow objects to pass under and it will automatically move away from objects on the lawn.

#General – Can it be connected to an app?

No, our current FREELEXO CAM model are not compatible with any Apps.

#General – The robot mower is moving around my garden with its cutting mechanism switched off. Why is that?

The first time the robot mower is started, it performs an initialisation run, which it uses to assess the quality of the lawn boundary.

The robot mower initialisation will take some time to map your yard and create between 200 to 400 GPS points before it begins to mow. How long this will take depends on your lawn size.

If the robot mower docks with the charging station during the initialisation run, because of a low battery or because the user gives a command to return, the robot mower will resume the initialisation run the next time it is started.

Once the initialisation run is complete, the robot mower will switch on the cutting mechanism and starts mowing the lawn.

#General - The mower keeps stopping. Why doesn't it run smoothly within the mowing area?

Yellow or brown patches in the mowing area can sometimes cause the robot mower to stop because it does not recognise these as grass. In these cases, the camera module checks the lawn again and then decides whether it can continue in this direction or if it should make a turn. A similar effect can occur in autumn due to leaves. To ensure smooth operation and good mowing performance, it is important to remove these from the area to be mowed.

#General - Why does the robot mower leave the mowing area or drive into obstacles?

Check the ultrasonic sensors and the camera lenses for dirt. If the robot mower continues to leave the mowing area it may need more of a contrasting border or the border can be more defined by using the magnetic tape.

#General - There are branches and leaves in the area to be mowed. Does the robot mower detect these as obstacles and turn away from them?

The robot mower detects leaves and branches as obstacles when its visibility is restricted or as soon as is it can no longer see the grass below. The area to be mowed should therefore always be free of leaves or branches. Scorched or discoloured patches (yellow/brown) can also cause problems for the mower, because it uses the green colour for navigation.

#General - Can the robot mower also recognise other green surfaces, e.g. flower beds, low shrubs?

If adjacent green areas such as garden beds and low shrubs are not defined by edging stones or fences, the robot mower may perceive them as part of the mowing area. If the border between such surfaces is insufficient or too narrow, a boundary should be marked there using the magnetic tape supplied.

#General - What does "clearly recognisable and defined lawn edges" mean?

Clearly recognisable lawn edges can be visible boundaries of at least 30 cm, such as edging stones, paving, bark mulch and gravel.

#General - What is the magnetic tape for?

The magnetic tape serves as a virtual fence. The built-in magnetic sensors of the FREELEXO CAM detect the magnetic tape so it changes direction when it reaches the line. This allows you to exclude areas that it should not enter.

#General - Some areas of my garden are not well delineated. Can I still use the FREELEXO CAM?

You can use magnetic tape, which is available as an accessory in 10 and 20 m lengths, to mark inadequate or difficult to detect lawn edges to optimally delimit the area of your garden to be mown.

#Installation - Where may the charging station be placed?

  • An outdoor power outlet is required which provides permanent power. The power cable on the charging station is 10 m long. Be careful not to lay the power cable in the mowing area.
  • The charging station must be laid on a level surface.
  • It must be possible to lay the guide cable around the charging station.
  • Place the charging station in a shady place.

#Service - I have forgotten my PIN. What can I do?

You can request a new PIN if you lose it. Please follow the steps below.
Have the receipt and the robotic lawnmower's serial number ready. You will need these to obtain your PIN! 

  1. Connect a blank USB stick to the USB port (on the underside of the unit). 
  2. Turn on the main switch (ON). 
  3. The robotic lawnmower automatically saves the PUK on the USB flash drive and ends the process with a whistling sound. 
  4. Remove the USB stick. 4. Read out the data on the USB flash drive on a computer. A text file (*.txt) has been created by the robotic lawnmower. This file contains a PUK, a personal code.
  5. Contact Customer Service to obtain your PIN.

Customer Service AU 1800 069 486 NZ 0508 069 486

#General – Why does my lawn look uneven

The FREELEXO cam robot mower will mow your yard daily and move around your yard in a random pattern and depending on the settings you applied combined with the size of your lawn, it may take a few days to ensure the grass is cut at the same height across your lawn.

#General – Why does my mower move in a random action

For the robot mower to map your yard accurately and mow the grass perfectly it will travel in a random pattern to ensure grass is mowed from various directions and all borders are continuously checked keeping lawn mapping up to date.

#General – Why has my mower stopped in my yard

There are some reasons for this, but the most likely is that the quality of the grass is not enough for the robot mower to find a path to the healthy grass, or the mower has lost traction as the soil is wet. The robot mower is essentially telling you that there is a problem with your lawn. To check this, turn the mower off underneath the mower and relocate to an area that has healthy green grass and plenty of traction. Turn your robot mower on and if the problem persists, contact Customer Service on AU 1800 069 486 NZ 0508 069 486.

#General – Why do I need to register

Registration not only gives you an extra year repair warranty it will help us contact you with any new firmware updates to keep your mower learning your yard to the best of its abilities.