A basic toolbox will help you with little chores around the house, but power tools will help take DIY projects to the next level. It can be overwhelming when there are so many tools to choose from – If you’ve been thinking about updating your home toolkit, take a look at our list below for your next DIY projects.


A cordless drill comes in handy for everything from installing shelves, to hanging a baby gate, to constructing a complete deck. The best cordless drills are powered by lithium-ion batteries, so even small drills carry a big punch. If you are just starting your tool collection, this is the way to go!

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This lightweight power tool is an oldie but a goodie. With its circular blade, you can cut long pieces of timber lengthwise or cut large panels like plywood. You may score wood or cut all the way through with an adjustable blade height.
To reduce the chance of mistakes, remember to measure (at least) twice and cut once before beginning a job. Allow the saw to do the work while cutting–its momentum will take it through.

Quick Tip: Be careful not to press too hard or you will risk straining the engine!

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This compact device cuts and grinds a variety of materials by spinning small disks at a high RPM. The disks themselves are inexpensive, and most are made specifically for metal or masonry.
Trimming metal pipe, rebar, hog wire, or tile, as well as clipping off rusty nail heads, is a breeze with the thin disks designed for cutting. Grinding fat disks are useful for tasks like smoothing out rough areas in concrete, removing rust, and sharpening tools.

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Our range of oscillating power tools are also often known as multifunction tools. When it comes to using an oscillating tool, you can tackle plenty of projects using the right attachment. Cut straight or flush, remove rusty metal components, wall trim, grout, trim shims, scrape away muck, remove toilets, and even remove wall fittings like towel bars with the appropriate blade.

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A sander is an awesome DIY tool to have at home! Sanding a big surface can be tiring and time consuming. The task can be completed in a fraction of the time with an electric sander, and the final outcome will be finer. Because most electric sanders use random orbital sanding, they sand wood without leaving a visible scratch pattern. They also make short work of softening the edges of completed patterns. The sandpaper disks are Velcro-attached, making it easy to replace them or move between grits.

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A jigsaw allows the user to cut curved and circular patterns in stock. While a band saw is more precise and capable of cutting heavier wood, a jigsaw is perfect for a home DIYer. When it comes to trimming off a little detail or cutting an exact curved line – a jigsaw is the way to go. Features include cutting thin, light materials using low-cost reciprocating blades that may be used on wood, metal, and plastic.

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Now you’re ready to start your next DIY project at home!