When its time to prepare the garden for cooler weather there are a few maintenance jobs that you need to take care of – one of them being Garden Pruning.

Balanced growth and flowering of your garden, as well as good looks, is the result of pruning correctly. It helps to prune at the appropriate time for most shrubs and trees. Some are best pruned in winter, whilst others are best right after flowering.

Have a deeper look into our PXC pruning and maintenance range which makes managing your garden all that much easier.


For powerful cutting action, this PXC 18V Pole Pruner features a 200mm high-quality Oregon® chain and bar and is suitable for branches and tree limbs up to 170mm wide. In various implementations, you can lock the pivoting head in 7 separate positions for greater flexibility, while the key handle locks in 4 positions to provide the utmost in user power and comfort.

One of the main reasons this pruning tool is so practical, is that it enables you to trim branches which are hanging close to fences and gutters all without having to use a dangerous ladder.


In different conditions, the PXC 18V Pruning Saw is an incredibly flexible instrument, designed to cut through all kinds of material. The clamping jaw allows for the grasp of branches up to 60 mm in diameter, making it possible to sever unsupported branches.

It provides a perfect alternative to manual pruning shears that can take a lot of time to hack through different trees, whilst this compact saw is lightweight and easy to use. The added convenience of cordless technology eliminates the need for long extension cords.


For trimming and shaping shrubs and hedges, the PXC 18V Hedge Trimmer is an excellent power tool. The lightweight build and ergonomic secure grip handle ensures your comfort and allows you to manoeuvre the tool around the garden.

This hedge trimmer completely takes out copious amounts of effort which it would have taken someone using manual shears.

Compatible with all Ozito PXC batteries, this hedge trimmer is ideal for trimming and shaping shrubs and hedges this Autumn.


The Ozito PXC 18V Cordless Pruning Shears are great for pruning a wide range of shrubs, fruit trees, branches, roses, and other blooming plants in the yard.

Pruning promotes plant growth and is essential for preserving the health of your floral plants and fruit trees. The high-quality bypass blades will provide a clean, accurate cut that allows your plant to recuperate while removing the stress and effort of using traditional hand pruners.


Ozito’s PXC 18V Cordless Cultivator is suitable for cultivating and aerating a variety of soil types. With a working width of 280mm and a depth of up to 200mm, the four heavy-duty steel blades provide you the flexibility to loosen soil and build raised garden beds and vegetable gardens.

A soft grip ergonomic handle, safety switch, and folding handle for compact, space-saving storage provide more control and stability when preparing the soil for planting.


The Ozito PXC Cordless Universal Spreader is a handy tool for spreading seed and fertiliser in the garden, around the house, and in public areas. You can use this spreader to precisely regulate and disperse grass seeds, fertiliser, and other granular goods.

Among the features are a Sure Grip and ergonomically designed handle which has an easy-to-reach 8-stage flow rate dial and a simple 6-stage electronic speed control for absolute precision. The 3.3-litre capacity hopper with adjustable dispersion width helps you keep the product from spreading to places that aren’t desired.


The Ozito PXC Cordless Garden Sprayer is an effective method for you to spray in the garden and around the house to combat weeds and insects.

This sprayer provides you with maximum mobility and convenience thanks to its integrated stainless steel telescopic lance, adjustable brass spray nozzle, shoulder strap, and on-demand spray trigger.

The 3.5-liter tank and inbuilt measuring cup ensure that you always combine your herbicides, insecticides, and liquid fertilisers correctly.


The Ozito PXC 2 x 18V Brushless Jet Blower is excellent for blowing leaves, yard waste, and debris from courtyards, driveways, deck areas, and walkways around your home.

The Brushless Motor’s efficient design reduces friction and wear, resulting in longer run durations and increased durability. The Jet Blower blows a forceful, high-capacity stream of air through the nozzle, and when paired with the turbo boost button*, it will help you in those extra-difficult situations. The nozzle features a metal ring to help move stiff wet leaves and can be set to three different lengths to suit the user’s height.

Choose between our PXC 18V Lithium-Ion batteries, to make sure you have the right power for the job. Only batteries with a capacity of 3.0Ah or above can use the turbo boost button*.

It has never been this convenient to keep your garden vibrant all year round. Pick up any of our pruning tools and get to trimming if you are ready to get your garden into shape! All our PXC tools share the same 18V PXC batteries, allowing you to interchange them between tools as you please.

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