There’s nothing better than showing off a finished DIY project, whether it’s inviting friends over to use the new pallet furniture project you’ve made or taking people on a grand tour of your new newly completed renovations.

We’re excited to be able to use our social DIY communities to help home heroes connect, share ideas and show off their good work like never before. From woodworkers to renovators, pallet furniture creators and DIY crafters, we’ll be sharing ideas, inspiration and great work on Facebook and Instagram.

One of the most creative home heroes we’ve found is Prestige Pallets, a.k.a Cecilia, a Sydney-based creative who transforms discarded pallets into unique rustic pieces of pallet furniture.

We spoke to see what inspired her.

“My mum is my number #1 inspiration when it comes to DIY. Ever since I was little, I remember her doing all the handy work around the house – putting furniture together, installing a new shelf, changing light bulbs, fixing the water tank, fixing the lawnmower. Mum did it all.”

She says that the inspiration from mum to get hands on and get the job done continues to this very day.

“She always pushes me to keep going and try new things, even when I get grumpy and stubborn. When I tell her I can’t build something she will sit down with me, and we plan it together. She even comes on pallet runs with me!”

It’s good to see that guidance and role model has certainly paid off. With that in mind, take a look at some of our favourite pieces from Prestige Pallets.

This custom made Foxtel box she made her Mum for Mother’s Day.
This sleek, modern, breakfast bar.
This splatter paint pallet coffee table. Bonus points on this one for creative use of our workshop blower.
This awesome pallet bed with fairy lights.
This cracker of an A-frame.

All of these pieces are made by hand using reclaimed wood. Pallet furniture is a cost-effective and environmentally way to create unique pieces for your home. If you’re keen on more home hero inspiration make sure you connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.