There’s nothing like spending a long weekend working on a creative project. It offers the ultimate sense of satisfaction for a job well done. This one is a perfect little project for The Creators amongst you. It’s also ideal for beginners – and perfect for a Saturday afternoon.

Here’s everything you need to complete the job:

  • 5 dowel hooks – which can be cut from one larger piece of dowel rod. We suggest 19mm pine dowel cut to lengths about 150mm long
  • 600mm x 150mm piece of plywood or pine – or any other wood of your choice – at least 15mm thick
  • Straight-edge ruler and pencil
  • Power X Change 18V Drill Driver Kit
  • 60mm Timber screws
  • Optional: Painter’s tape, primer and paint.

Step 1: Measure into equal parts

On your chosen timber backing, mark and measure 5 lines at equal distances apart along the longer length of the timber, with equal space at each end of the board.

Step 2: Mark up the centre

Mark the centre of each line. This is where your dowel hooks will sit.

Step 3: Pre drill the holes

We recommend using a Forstner bit the same size as the dowel (19mm) with your Drill Driver to drill halfway through the front of timber backing. Then drill pilot holes the remainder of the way through the board in each of these holes. From the back of the board, finish with a countersink bit to ensure the screws going in will finish flush with the back of the timber.

Step 4: Fix the hooks in place

Add some timber glue into Forstner bit hole and slot your dowel into this hole. Securing your dowel hooks in place by screwing through the backing timber into the pine dowel with the 60mm screws.

Step 5: Finishing touches

Finish your backing board with light sand and paint – or leave the timber raw.

Step 6: Hang it

Secure your coat rack in place on your chosen wall, using a laser level to ensure it hangs straight.

There you have it! A minimalist Scandinavian inspired coat rack – the perfect project for The Creators and DIYers for this weekend.
Whatever DIY job you need to tackle this Easter weekend, Team Up with Ozito!

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