Prepare your garden beds for planting this season with the PXC 18V Cordless Cultivator (PXMC-0182). It is ideal for cultivating and aerating a variety of different soil types.

A cultivator helps loosen the soil in an existing planting area or mixing compost into the soil. They are more suitable for improving or sustaining the health of your already-established garden, while still breaking up the dirt.

Cultivators can also churn up weeds and dig deep enough to disrupt their root system, but not so deep that they disturb the rest of your garden. A cultivator is useful for mixing potting and regular soil together, or if you want to work fertilizer, manure, or compost into your soil mixture.If you have an already established garden, cultivators can make the labour of garden care much easier.

The PXC Cultivator is built with four heavy-duty steel blades providing a working width of 280mm and a depth of up to 200mm, giving you the versatility to loosen soil and create raised garden beds and vegetable gardens. For greater control and stability when preparing the soil for planting there is a soft grip ergonomic handle, safety switch and folding handle for compact, space-saving storage.

Lithium Ion technology provides cordless convenience and eliminates the need for long extension cords. Choose the 18V Lithium Ion batteries for the runtime you need.

This cultivator is built with a max safety feature to protect the motor against overloading and overheating.

By using a cultivator, you can get things done quickly and can focus on the more fun task of planting rather than worrying about the soil quality.

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