For all of the lawn enthusiasts out there with a level lawn and medium length grass, our PXC 18V Cylinder Mower is perfect to give your yard the manicured, clean cut you’ve always wanted.

This Cylinder Mower features a new battery powered cutting action that automatically spins the blades at the press of a button, taking the effort out of pushing it. These new 5 precision-ground cutting blades operate with a scissor action that effortlessly glides through your lawn to give you a precise, clean cut with no brown tips!

We have put together some tips for easily and safely adjusting your PXC 18V Cylinder Mower blades. These simple steps will help if you find the blades are a little stiff, or if they aren’t achieving that crisp cut.


When checking your blade adjustment, it is important to first remove the battery before making any adjustments to a cordless tool. The next step is to put your mower upside down and give the cylinder blades a quick spin to see if there are any signs of catching on the cutting blade.

From here, we can determine if the cutting blade is aligned with our cylinder blades by using a piece of paper to see if it will cut. For this step, you want to place the paper in and give the blades a spin to see if the paper is cut, it is a good idea to try in a few different places across the cutting blade.

If the paper is not cutting, this most likely means that your grass isn’t cutting either.

The next step is to align the cutting blade on your cylinder mower.



Secure the blade from moving. Use a leftover piece of timber to put into the blades to stop it from accidentally turning or catching your fingers in the wrong spot.


Use your hex key to make some adjustments to both sides. The aim here is to get both sides of the cutting blade to be the same distance away from the cylinder blades or just touching the blade on both sides.


Test the gap is even on both sides. The next step is to test the gap is even along the cutting blade. If your gap is too tight or too loose you need to make some even adjustments the same on both sides.


Adjust both hex screws evenly. Start with a quarter turn on both sides then of course test again. Now the ultimate test: bring the paper back out because if it will cut the paper, it’ll cut your grass.


Re-test with some paper. Be sure to test it in a few places along the cutting width. This will double check the alignment.

You don’t have to add fuel, replace filters, or perform routine maintenance, just pick one up from your local Bunnings and get mowing!