As we enter the season for entertaining, we are all looking for a little help to keep our yards and driveways neat and tidy. From our wide range of PXC 18V Blowers, we have identified three of our products to help you choose the best one for your garden or workspace.


Introducing one of our PXC heroes, the PXC 18V Blower Kit is one of our
most popular model – also available as a skin if you’ve already got a PXC Battery and Charger.
Thanks to its great power and lightweight feel, the PXC Blower is easy to use, meaning its super
comfortable to use for extended periods of time in the garden.

This kit is ideal for blowing leaves, stray grass clippings and other debris cluttering your garden paths
or driveway.

Quick Tip: Keep the end of the nozzle close to the ground as the curve of the nozzle will help lift and clear the leaves from your lawn.

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This multipurpose tool can blow, vacuum and even mulch leaf debris – helping homeowners, DIY
enthusiasts and gardeners get their garden in perfect condition. For longer jobs, you can use the
shoulder strap for comfort!

Powered by 2 x 18V batteries for 36V blowing power, it’s also brushless, meaning longer runtimes
and efficiency!

The Blower Vacuum Mulcher is great for turning leaf litter to mulch that you can then spread back
on your garden for added nutrients going back into the soil as the leaves break down.

Quick Tip: Blow leaves into a pile or corner and then vacuum them from one spot!

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Coming in with a whopping 816Km³/h max air flow, the 2 x 18V Brushless Jet Blower is perfect for blowing leaves, grass clippings, and debris off larger areas such as courtyards, driveways, deck areas, and walkways.

Although it might be one of the bigger tools, it has been ergonomically designed to provide you with the upmost comfort whilst working through those long gardening sessions.

The Jet Blower provides a forceful, high-capacity stream of air through the nozzle, and when used in conjunction with the turbo boost button, it may aid you in those extra-difficult situations around the home.

Note: Ensure to choose the 18V Lithium-Ion batteries for the run time you need. *Turbo boost button is only operational with 3.0Ah batteries and above.

Quick Tip: Make sure the leaves are dry. Wet leaves are too heavy and will stick to the ground when using a leaf blower. Wait for a dry day in order to utilise your leaf blower.

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Smallest in the range, the PXC 18V Workshop Blower is suitable for tool shop maintenance but are also
handy for small spaces like balconies and small courtyards.

This Blower is small enough to get into the tight corners of a workbench or around balcony furniture and
lightweight for quick cleaning of sawdust, debris, leaves and dirt.

The Workshop Blower comes with 3 different versatile adapters which are suitable for inflating devices
such as air mattresses and pool toys.

Check it out here!

All these blowers are powered by our PXC 18V battery. Save time and the manual power of raking up leaves from the garden, driveway, and paths with one of the PXC Blowers. These compact, lightweight, and environmentally friendly replacements for petrol-powered tools will allow you to start your weekend with the press of a button!