Dual powered tools are super convenient when combined with battery technology.

Our versatile dual power technology means that you can power our PXC tools with PXC 18V Batteries or another source such as a household power point. This makes our tools ideal for indoor and outdoor renovations.
This way, there are two ways to power your tools – either when you’re away from a power source or within reach of another power source.
Because these tools are battery or cord operated, this device can literally be taken anywhere. From camping to your home workshop, this is a power tool you will use time and time again. Essentially, there are two types of dual power.

First are the tools that can be paired with a car power outlet as well as a PXC 18V Battery. These types of tools can come in handy when camping, at a sports event pumping up balls before the game or anywhere away from a standard household power point.

The other type of dual power is the PXC 18V Battery paired with a household power source – perfect for indoor renovations, working on a project in the backyard or the workshop.

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