Australia and New Zealand are nations full of proud and passionate DIY enthusiasts. They’re out there in their gardens, sheds and workshops making improvements and getting the job done with Ozito tools. They’re our home heroes.

For over 20 years Ozito has proudly helped its customers grow and nurture their love for building, gardening and creating.

Our goal is simple. We want to lead the way when it comes to providing accessible, affordable, QUALITY power tools to help more give DIY a go. We’re the power tools of choice for everyday DIY enthusiasts. 

In 1993 we launched with a handful of products, we’ve come a long way since then. Now we stock over 285 products (and counting), with benchmark setting warranties.

We’re always looking for new ways to help more home heroes get their hands on the power they need. In 2014 we launched the Power X Change range to give more people the power to choose lithium ion cordless Ozito tools, without paying for a new battery in every tool. In 2016, we launched our brushless range to provide an affordable option for brushless technology.

As we continue to grow there are some things that will always be true. We are always going to be:


We’re here to help you. Whether it is through our extended warranties, affordable tools or DIY inspiration across our social media channels. We know there’s nothing better than a job well done.


We all about surprising people with the quality of our products, the size of our range and the extra mile we’re willing to go to with our customer service. 


You can count on us to help you finish your project. We’ve got quality products backed by great warranties to ensure you’ve got the power to get the job done.

So if you’re looking to get into DIY or update your toolkit, explore our range today.