Joining our PXC range, this 18V Brushless 3 Speed 1/2″ Impact Wrench offers even more power for heavy duty applications, making it a great addition to your power tool collection. Give your DIY projects the power you’ve been looking for with this Impact Wrench, the high torque product that is perfect for more heavy duty DIY projects around the backyard and garage. If you’re looking for more grunt, the 3 speed modes and 400Nm of torque in this Impact Wrench should easily have you covered. Paired with the right battery, this cordless wrench is the perfect tool for driving large diameter or long coach bolts into hard timber sleepers, fastening wheel nuts on 4WD vehicles and tow balls, or undoing seized and rusted fasteners on trailers and caravans.


  • There is a lot of power in this tool, so adjust the speed to ensure you won’t shear or wear through the bolt.
  • It can be helpful to start nuts by hand for the first few rotations, so you get the thread fully aligned, as this avoids cross threading ruining the bolt.
  • When using the Impact Wrench, get yourself in a comfortable position and bend your knees to help prevent injury.
  • There are three speeds that you can adjust, so we recommend starting on the lightest setting and then moving upwards through the speed settings to get the right tension on the bolt if you’re tightening or loosening.
  • Prepare yourself for the noise and use earmuffs as required, as this tool can be quite loud.