Take the manual work out of pruning in the garden with these PXC Pruning Shears from the PXC 18V cordless range. If you’re spending long periods in the garden, wearing yourself out with trimming and pruning, a compact and lightweight pruner like this will enable you to prune a wide variety of shrubs, fruit trees, branches, roses and other flowering plants around the garden.

Proper pruning is important because it encourages plants to thrive and is key to maintaining healthy flowering plants and fruit trees.

These shears are ideal for soft (fresh) green wood up to Ø25mm and woody (dry) stems, twigs and branches up to Ø15mm.The high-grade bypass blades provide a clean, precise cut to allow your plant to heal while eliminating the stress and strain associated with squeezing conventional manual pruners.

An ergonomic Sure Grip Handle provides a secure, comfortable grip, while the built-in safety switch prevents accidental cuts, as well as protecting the blades from damage and bad weather when they’re not in use.

The sturdy plastic cover and safety on/off sliding switch for activating and deactivating the shears ensures safe storage and the handy belt clip allows you to keep your pruning shear close while you are working in the garden.

The lightweight body and super sharp blades mean you can spend longer time pruning in complete comfort and it’s cordless, so you don’t have to worry about pesky extension cords or getting a lead snagged in the shrubs while you trim.

For everyday shaping up of your garden, these pruning shears are for you.

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