Check out a few of our tool recommendations to take your DIY workshop to the next level.


A mitre saw is a great tool to help you achieve a variety of cuts (cross, mitre and compound) all with the one tool. Trimming decking or skirting boards to length or making angled joins for a picture frame. Our 1800W 8” Sliding Mitre & Stand bundle make the perfect addition to your workshop as the included stand means that it won’t take up existing bench space and the sliding mitre saw gives you a greater depth of cut.


Air compressors make a great addition to your workshop. When paired with the right air tool they’re capable of drilling, tightening and loosening fastener, inflating everything from footballs to tyres, painting, sanding, scraping, cutting, grinding, chiselling and fastening.

Our 24L 1.5HP Direct Drive Air Compressor is perfect for DIY jobs around the home, garage or small workshop. It requires minimal maintenance and can easily be transported around thanks to the handle and wheels.

Some of our top picks to make your life easier are:

The Ozito Air Cut Off Tool is perfect for quick and efficient metal cutting through pipe and rebar.

Make quick work of securely fastening or removing bolts with this 1/2″ Air Impact Wrench. Powerful with 312Nm torque and adjustable settings, you can control the amount of turning force to suit your application.

Hold it down with the 80 Series Air Stapler, great for craft work, upholstery, assembling picture frames and so much more.

For intricate painting tasks, including touch-ups, murals, modelling and decorating crafts, this Air Brush Kit produces a brilliant finish.


Not many people enjoy cleaning, but integrating a Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner into your workshop can help save you time and be an added safety feature. By connecting the vacuum hose to the dust extraction port on your power tool you’ll be keeping your workplace clear from airborne dust particles as the vacuum will suck debris away directly from your work space. The added benefit of these units is that they’re capable of collecting both wet and dry materials – so spills aren’t such a hassle anymore when you can simply vacuum them up. These are a must have to keep the house, garage and car neat and tidy.

TOOL TIP: Connect the hose to the blower outlet and now you blow away dust, dirt or even cobwebs!

Upgrade your DIY workshop to the next level with Ozito. Find these products and more available at your local Bunnings Warehouse.