Taking a project from drab to fab can be as simple as the finishing touches. The Multi Sander Kit has 3 different sanding bases to help you get a smooth, well maintained finish every time.  Here are some fun D.I.Y. projects to get started on with your new sanding kit.


If you’re looking to make a statement in your home, then you can’t look past a trendy set of Wooden Stack Shelves. Perfect for displaying books, plants, knickknacks or a few staple décor pieces.

For a step-by-step guide, check out: Row House Nest

Sanding Tip: For a smooth, even finish, give the 1/3 Sheet Sanding Pad a go.


What better way to add some organisation into your home than with A D.I.Y. Chalkboard? A simple and convenient project that you’ll use time and time again.

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Sanding Tip: We recommend giving the Detail Sander a go for this endeavour. It’s great for getting into corners and hard to reach areas.


Great for beverages and food, this space saving idea is a stylish addition to your lounge room. Impress your guests with this unique design – TV time made easy.

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Sanding Tip: The Random Orbital Sander is perfect for the finishing touches. Smooth out an even surface so you can finish the couch table with a stain or colour coordinated paint.


For the advanced DIYers, we recommend giving the Barn Door project a go. This is a textbook task if you’ve always been a fan of barn doors but couldn’t necessarily justify the hefty price tag to buy one already made. It won’t break the bank and it’s an awesome feature in your home.

For a step-by-step guide check out: Home Made Lovely

Sanding Tips: You’ll want to grab the Detail Sander to easily get into the corners and hard to reach areas.


Do you have a dated chair lying around and not sure what you should do with it? Why not repurpose it as a side table? This is a fun weekend job that allows you to get a little creative.

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Sanding Tip: The 1/3 Sheet Sander is a great tool to remove any old paint before you get started.