Spring gardens are made in Winter, so there’s no better time to get your garden in order. Just because it’s a little colder outside, that doesn’t mean that your garden can’t continue being an extension of your living space. Check out our top tips and must have products to get your garden ready for Winter.

Create a social space

To make the most of your back garden during Winter, the first thing to do is create a space where you can relax and socialise, such as a patio or a deck. Pick a nice spot in your garden that has some natural shelter, and then build your social space around it. Think about making space for furniture and anything else you’d like to add.

Give your lawn some love

Properly preparing your lawn during Winter will make all the difference when it comes to the warmer months after. Use the a Blower to clear any fallen leaves off your lawn.

We recommend switching to the catcher on your mower, instead of the mulching function, to collect your lawn clippings. If your lawn doesn’t get enough sunlight it can reduce the ability of grass to photosynthesise. Raise the height of your mower to let your lawn have its best change to toughing it out in the cold and mow only every 3 or 4 weeks.

It’s also a great time to edge your lawn borders and garden beds with a Lawn Edger. Our cordless 190mm Lawn Edger takes time and muscle power out of this compared to the old manual methods!

Trim and train

Winter is prime time for pruning and Ozito has a wide range of hedge trimmers and pruners from small trimmers and shears to extendable pole pruners with everything in between to tackle shaping, trimming and pruning. Get those roses, hydrangeas, stone and fruit trees into gear for another season.

Check in with your local Bunnings Warehouse for advice on your plant varieties as it’s a good time to control weeds and boost plant resistance to fungal problems during the colder months. Our 18V Garden Sprayer is an efficient way to tackle this in no time and is powered by Power X Change batteries for cordless convenience.

Add some heat

With the bulk of your Winter gardening done, it’s time to once again turn your attention back to making a nice social space so that your garden can be enjoyed. No Winter garden would be complete without a heat source. There’s no better outdoor heater than a fire pit. It’s simply unbeatable. Imagine you and some pals wrapped in cosy blankets, sitting around under the stars, with the glow of fire flickering on your face, and a glass of red in hand. Pure bliss. A DIY fire pit is cheap and easy to build. Alternatively, you can purchase a steel fire pit from your local Bunnings store.

It’s time for the Caretakers out there to get the tools and get Winter garden ready.